The 2024 Cape Kiwanda Longboard Classic is scheduled for September 20th -22nd | Registration Opens June 1st

Shaper Profile | Al Ciske

Al Ciske

Coastal Craft: Where did you get your start and why?

I started shaping about 15 years ago, it was one of the only ways for me to keep my mind straight through our sometimes unfavorable winters.

CC: Where are your board shaped and sold?

I hand shape all of my boards in Pacific City, OR. All new boards are by custom order only. On the other hand, we do have used boards here at our local surf shop or at various shops along the coast

CC: What’s your go to board to shape and surf in the PNW?

My preferred shape would have to be the “Pick Pocket”. It’s a board shaped for less than ideal conditions and that’s basically all we have here.

CC: What draws you to this event?

As a long time Oregon coast surfer, it is and will always be an amazing time to meet new people and talk about the one thing most of the people come to talk and do… surf! 

CC: What do you want visitors to take away from this event?

People in Oregon always support local, but I want them to know why they are supporting local. It’s a good time to keep the stoke alive.

Al will be shaping a high performance hybrid shortboard live for this year’s Coastal Craft event!