The 2020 Event Has Gone Virtual | Next Year's Event Is September 17th - 19th 2021 | A Benefit For The PC Skatepark


The Premier PNW Event

The Cape Kiwanda Longboard Classic is the longest running, premier event in the Pacific Northwest. Going into it’s 22nd consecutive year in 2020, the Classic has been a staple for the PNW surfing community. Introducing many firsts over the years, including live scoring and last year’s exciting Coastal Craft event, the classic honors the past while continuing to evolve into the future.

Competitor Info

The Cape Kiwanda Longboard Classic is a true longboard classic, with a focus on classic style blended with modern surfing.

Unfortunately due to time constraints, space in the 2020 Longboard Classic is limited, and registration is based on a first come, first serve basis. There will be no special treatment for past competitors, so please register early to make sure you have a spot in this year’s contest.

Boards used during the classic must be 9′ or bigger. Any board found being used under 9′ will result in immediate disqualification (does not apply to the Kid w/parent & 12 & under categories).

While this is a competition, and friendly competitiveness is encouraged, please remember that this event is a fundraiser, and a community gathering meant to bring people together. We will not tolerate unsportsmanlike conduct, and encourage a friendly, fun competition that shouldn’t be taken too seriously. We aren’t the WSL and don’t want to be!

Competitors should sign up for their appropriate age group. If your birthday falls during the weekend, please register for the age division you would be if you were to make it to finals day (Sunday the 20th). Divisions include:

Kid W/Parent (12 & Under)

Kids 12 & Under

Grom Boys 13 – 17

Grom Girls 13 – 17

Men’s 18 – 29

Men’s 30 – 39

Men’s 40 – 49

Men’s 50 – 59

Men’s Silverback Division (60+) In Honor of Gary Gregg

Women’s 18+


Registration is limited, and while we do our best to accommodate people, the only way to guarantee a spot in the event is to sign up early. Last year, we filled up the event weeks before it started, so don’t delay!


General surfing etiquette applies – Closest to the peak has priority, no dropping in. Each surfer is scored on their top two waves, and can have a maximum of 10 waves per heat. Any waves caught after 10 waves will not count towards their heat total.

Most heats are 15 minutes long, and consist of 6 people. Some of the semi-final and final rounds may have longer heats.

Horn & Flag Info:

One horn starts the heat (A solo green flag will be flying). 

Two Horns signals 5 minutes left in the heat, plus the paddle out for the next heat up (A green & red flag will be flying together)

One horn ends the current heat, and starts the between heat break period (Red flag up). This break between each heat will usually last 1 minute, as the judges catch up scoring any last minute waves ridden in the finished heat. Sometimes this break will be longer than one minute, sometimes it will be shorter. If we are running behind schedule, we will try and make this break as short as possible. If you are in the next heat in the water, remember to wait for another single horn blast to start your heat before riding waves. Any waves ridden during the break period will not count towards your score, or towards your wave total. 

Three horn blasts signals a delay of contest, stop of contest, or emergency (No flags flying). If you hear three horns in a row blast, please exit the water immediately.

It is your responsibility to keep track of when your heat starts and ends. Do no rely on posted heat times, as they are subject to change throughout the day. While your heat time on our live heat system will automatically update as the contest moves through the day, it is best to check in with the beach marshal to be sure. If you miss your heat, it is no one’s fault but your own.

Interference Rules:

If a surfer drops in on another surfer, or interferes with their ability to surf the wave, their top wave score will be cut in half for that heat. If the same surfer interferes twice during the heat, their top wave score will be completely dropped. 

Interference’s are determined on a case by case basis by the judges, and are final. Besides dropping in, you can receive an interference call by being in the way during your paddle back out (always go toward the white wash), or by paddling for a wave and snowballing a section in front of an already riding surfer. 


In the event of a tie score, the heat will be decided by the top scoring wave between the two surfers tied. In the event that both surfers have the same top scoring wave, it will go to the top second scoring wave.


Check in with the beach captain 10 minutes prior to your heat. Return jerseys immediately after your heat has finished, staying in the water and surfing with your jersey after your heat has ended may disqualify you.

End Of Heat:

As soon as your heat is over, please exit the water promptly. Since there is a break period between heats, you do not need to belly ride in, you can stand and ride a wave in without fear of disqualification. If however the next heat starts while you are still attempting to exit the water, please do not stand up, and belly ride in. Standing up during the next heat may disqualify you.

We use a live scoring system, so you will know exactly what is happening during your heat with your score. If weather conditions are foul and you are unable to hear your score in the water, you will have results posted immediately upon exiting the water.


Silent Auction

Held on Saturday and Sunday of CKLC, auction items include photography, art, massage, surfboards, surf swag, wine, beer, clothing, and various other donations from local businesses and surf brands. In addition, each board shaped at Coast Craft is auctioned. All proceeds from the silent auction go directly toward the construction and development of the PC Skatepark. If you would like to donate items to the silent auction, contact us today!


The 2020 Cape Kiwanda Longboard Classic & Brewfest has been canceled. We will update the schedule of events below for the 2021 event as we get closer to that date.

Friday, September 17th

Contest Registration & Check In

Saturday, September 18th

Day 1 of the Longboard Classic

Silent Auction Starts

Live Music

Food Truck & Beer Garden


Sunday, September 19th

Finals day of the Longboard Classic

Coastal Craft Shapers Event

Silent Auction

Food Truck & Beer Garden

Live Music