The 2024 Cape Kiwanda Longboard Classic is scheduled for September 20th -22nd | Registration Opens June 1st

Shaper Profile | Dan Murdey

Dan Murdey

Coastal Craft: Where did you get your start and why?

My first board was under a tarp off the side of the house in 1990, pretty ugly but it surfed! In 1998 I got my first real job in the industry with Gerry Lopez, doing glasswork. I’ve been lucky to work with many established board builders over the last 20+ years learning the craft. Shaping on the side for myself and friends eventually evolved into Murdey Surfboards as it is today.

CC: Where are your board shaped and sold?

I shape at home in Portland, OR. Murdey Surfboards are currently in 12 surf shops from Crescent City, Ca. to Tofino, B.C. Direct custom orders are also available.

CC: What’s your go to board to shape and surf in the PNW?

Although I’m happy to shape anything, I’m known for my Longboards, Fishes and Midlengths with high end glasswork. Personal go to is a 6’2” thruster and a 9’2” single fin.

CC: What draws you to this event?

Connecting with people who share the same passion for locally built boards. Always fun to catch up with all the other board builders out there. Also gives customers the ability to see part of the process first hand.

CC: What do you want visitors to take away from this event?

When you purchase a surfboard you have a choice to make: Buy locally or buy something made overseas? Hopefully this experience helps to make the right choice: BUY LOCALLY

Dan will be shaping a Longboard for this year’s Virtual Coastal Craft