The 2024 Cape Kiwanda Longboard Classic is scheduled for September 20th -22nd | Registration Opens June 1st

Shaper Profile | Jared Matchniff

Jared Matchniff

Coastal Craft : Where did you get your start and why?

I started building boards when I was 16 years old. My uncle was into building his own surfboards and boats for as long as I can remember. He finally gave me enough experience to place  my first order in for materials with Fiberglass Supply. Building my first 6’2” fish – full resin tint (board is in picture below}, this is where it all started and has evolved from there, bouncing back and forth to Cali, learning in depth production side of board building and what the industry standard was for board building techniques. Huge thanks to Time Stamps, Jason Hoffman, Mike Huseman, Webster, Berry Vendermilun, Terry Senete, Brad Basham, Lowel Floyd, Roberts NW Surfboards, Foam EZ, Shaper Supply, PureGlass, Fiberglass Supply, Brad Kavonius , and all of the crews for allowing me to learn both hands on experience and tricks of the trade.

CC: Where are your boards shaped and sold?

At our local residence on HWY 101, just up river from Pacific City is where I shape most of my surfboards. Come swing by and say hi! Most of the boards I sell are custom orders (Instagram account @niffsurfboards), and will soon be stocked in the local surf shops near you.

CC: What’s your go to board to shape & surf in the PNW?

Ha-ha! All of them! This summer with the crowds, something like a 9’ 4” performance long board, 7’6’’ mid-legnth, if the waves have some angle to them than a 6’ 0” Double Wing Squash Grovler

CC: What draws you to this event?

Being able to support our local surf community, isn’t that what it’s all about?

CC: What do you want visitors to take away from this event?

I want surfers from all levels to feel like they can grow more in tune with what they’re riding through custom ordering hand shaped surfboards to their desires or needs. (Let’s think outside of the box but build within)

Jared will be shaping a Mid length live for this year’s Coastal Craft event!