The 2020 Event Has Gone Virtual | Next Year's Event Is September 17th - 19th 2021 | A Benefit For The PC Skatepark

Shaper Profile |

Lee Leatherman

Coastal Craft: Where did you get your start and why?

I was getting boards from Donald Takayama, Chris Christenson and Marc Andreini. One afternoon, I was visiting Marc and putting in an order and getting super specific on what I wanted. He stopped and just said, “Lee, you should just start shaping your own boards!” That’s when it clicked for me and I haven’t really looked back.

CC: Where are your board shaped and sold?

Hand shaped in Neskowin, Oregon. I sell them through my website, and occasionally through Moment Surf Co.

CC: What’s your go to board to shape and surf in the PNW?

A versatile, speed-oriented longboard.

CC: What draws you to this event?

The memory of Gary “Gaz” Gregg.

CC: What do you want visitors to take away from this event?

Virtual good vibes.

Lee will be shaping a Classic Longboard for this year’s Virtual Coastal Craft event!